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Our services

Thanks to our very extensive network of partners, we can help you optimize the use of your machines, whether they are agricultural, forestry, public works, heavy goods vehicles, etc.


High Performance Lighting


Thanks to their LED technology and extremely homogeneous illumination, our work lights ensure ideal working conditions and a relaxed working environment.


Pedestrian detection Cameras


Detection of nearby pedestrians and workers. 0.5-20m detection range with support for detecting certain body parts such as head, arms, legs...


Mulshers of plants


We work with the biggest brands and can adapt the mulsher of your choice or make you benefit from the best prices with our privileged partners.


Analytic oil monitoring


Because the hydraulic system of your machine can very quickly become a major item of expenditure, we offer analytical monitoring solutions for your circuit to detect breakdowns before they occur.

AllTracks, the specialist in agricultural and forestry snow groomers for mulshing and methanation silage

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